When one thinks of clean humor one should step out and feel refreshed, pure, invigorated, even giddy.  And, cannot wait to go back for more…


Press Conference:

Chief Take A Square: 

Yes, I am proud to assume leadership of the Pawnees Chess Champions. I fully expect these players to rebound, so to speak. One must understand, that just as the opposite of baseball, chess is 90% physical. It’s “how” one converts a pawn into a Queen. It’s how one strikes another piece and removes it from the board. And, how one lightly taps the timer. Class, Chess, Chess, Class.

And, yes, I am extremely proud at the chance to manage this Native People’s Champion Franchise. Our first exciting tournament will actually be a singular event.  We will be participating in the Annual Feathers against the Blue and Gold. Yes, this year we drew the 7th Calvary with General Custer and his players in the Little Bighorn. I love the idea of this virtual chess where our 16 “players” assume their chess piece identities and move as a man on the Great Plains.

Though I myself shall not be there to participate (posing in Mt. Rushmore). My able cohort Sitting Bull will take my spot on the board. We surely believe the play will be peaceable and limited to that gallant 32 on either side and the rest shall just spectate. Oh, I nearly forgot. And of course that other stellar player, Lakota Crazy Horse/Knight shall take his appointed spot on B1 in war paint ready to do mock battle.


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